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Ecotopes creates landscapes, spaces + furnishings that just feel right for Austin. Our products are always socially responsible, while feeling hip, eco-modern + never pretentious. Austin is recovering from decades of suburban experiments with ‘cookie-cutter’ landscapes tethered to irrigation life support. Austin doesn’t need to look like Dallas, Houston or even Los Angeles.  This place has always been the scruffy intellectual center of Texas environmental activism.  After all, Austin’s honky-tonks inspired the rise of the Cosmic Cowboy tradition, along with our once-secret live music paradise among the tree-lined creeks, hills + habitats.


The ecology of Ecotopes

Our landscapes are biologically dynamic, generationally-shifted, eco-modern + sustainable.

The Edwards Plateau, also known as the Texas Hill Country, is a biodiverse region of open savanna, scattered with trees, grasses, perennial wildflowers + cactus that rises from the Blackland Prairie along the Balcones Fault, west towards the Chihuahuan Desert.

In evolving cities like Austin, native vegetation has been significantly reduced through development + growth, replaced by materials that store + radiate heat, also known as the heat island effect, creating conditions that are more similar to the Chihuahuan Desert to our west.

Our biomimetic practices, Ecotopes has developed functional understanding of the natural systems through studied observation, in order to guide + inspire the materials, systems + practices used to intervene in the landscape.

From the rain-efficient native plant palette that we’ve developed over a decade of design research, to our signature dry creek land formations that beautifully handle surface storm water flow, Ecotopes understands the effects of water in the landscape.

The Ecotopes landscape is designed as a living community, from a restorative collection of native plants set into rich soil, to the desirable wildlife visitors they attract.  Multilateral biodiversity is the basis of sustainability for eco-modern design, providing for climatic resilience, ecological reciprocity + resource efficiency.