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“Native Approved” Supplies and Techniques

Native Approved is the designation we apply to ecotopes’ supplies, sources, technology + techniques to help our clients recognize value in landscape practices.  Our goal is to transform landscape commodities into meaningful tangibles that drive value into our lives.

  • regionally sourced
  • sustainably harvested
  • highest quality
  • well-adapted to performance requirements
  • proven benchmarks

Research + experience with the wide variety of regional materials + vegetation is the basis for Ecotopes design. In our view, the landscape is a composite of existing conditions, to be modified through design using native plants, surfaces + components to improve urban ecology + human function.

Steve Shelton

Landscape Design


having thrived in texas for thousands of years, the modern urban overlay now exerts increasing pressure on these ecosystems


ecological zones within the urban landscape can be correlated to regional environment’s conditional profiles to improve performance