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Description block: <IMG=”mulch-graphic.png ALIGN=”right”>Mulch is a “vegetated surface” because this material that lies below most plant specimens in a vegetated zone of the landscsape, especially immediately following fresh project cultivation. The function of mulch is to protect the soil around plants + to discourage weeds. In the urban context, wood mulches have been used to create a more tidy appearance, coinciding with the removal of natural leaf litter desposited from surrounding trees. This annual convention of leaf-removal + mulch-importation should be challenged through design.

SURFACE/dynamics: passive surface (rare to occassional human programmed usage)

MATERIAL TYPES/hardwood mulch: All-natural, double-ground native hardwood mulch that has been aged several months to create a dark color.
MATERIAL TYPES/rough cedar mulch: Native single-ground cedar mulch with larger pieces for a ranched-out look with a lighter color.
MATERIAL TYPES/pecan shell mulch: By-product of local pecan production, this unique mulch has a distinct character.
MATERIAL TYPES/mineral mulch: Just about any gravel can be used as a mulch, depending on the design intent.

ALTERNATIVES/flipped mulch: Once new plants are established, the mulched surface can be flipped to become a wildflower or native grass patch.
ALTERNATIVES/leaf drop: Begin to use the leaves that fall naturally as the mulch for vegetated buffers. This keeps the tree litter onsite for a second use + out of the landfill.

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