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Description block: <IMG=”river-gravel-graphic.png ALIGN=”right”>The primary material for surface water flows. explain contour. explain how the stones are armor allowing the ground below to resist water erosion.

SURFACE/dynamics: passive surface (rare to occasional human programmed usage)

MATERIAL TYPES/creek bottom: The most desirable stones for creek bottoms are 1-3″ diameter.
MATERIAL TYPES/creek edge: The intermittent placement of larger stones, 3-9″ in diameter, within the perimeter of the dry creek is a visually satisfying arrangement that mimics nature.

ALTERNATIVES/honeycomb boulders: these small, sculptural limestone boulders (link to /research/limestone) can be used to create an anchor point in a surface water flow.
ALTERNATIVES/coarse limestone: 1-2″ crushed limestone (link to /research/limestone) can be used to armor the ground to provide stormwater drainage, especially in areas with a secondary functional use.
ALTERNATIVES/trestle basalt: Larger-sized crushed basalt (link to /research/basalt) can be used for a visual impact in areas of water flow.