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— wildflower patch —


Description block: <IMG=”sunny-wildflowers-graphic.png ALIGN=”right”>tell the people how much you love this patch.

SURFACE/dynamics: passive surface (rare to occasional human programmed usage)

PATCH DETAILS/collections: Edwards Plateau, Blackland Prairie, Shade, Wetland, Pollinator + Deer Resistant
PATCH DETAILS/cultivation season: October – November
PLANT DETAILS/ecological condition: desert bajada (link to /research/urban-ecology/desert-bajada/ target=top), sunny edge (link to /research/urban-ecology/sunny-edge/ target=top), shady woodland (link to /research/urban-ecology/shady-woodland/ target=top), escarpment (link to /research/urban-ecology/escarpment/ target=top), creekside (link to /research/urban-ecology/creekside/ target=top), prairie pocket (link to /research/urban-ecology/prairie-pocket/ target=top)

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