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Description block: <IMG=”zoysia-graphic.png ALIGN=”right”>tell the people how much you love this turf. These grasses can be “tex-ified,” which means trained to be very drought tolerant through reduced irrigation. This reduction in crop performance means less mowing + edging. Without this training, zoysia loves to sit in the sunny edge with extra irrigation. While this will lead to more service requirements + water costs, babied zoysia will yield outstanding recovery from injury + superior softness, which is sometimes the right choice.

SURFACE/dynamics: active surface (occassional to high human programmed usage)

TURF TYPES/pallisades: medium-coarse textured grass with excellent resistance to drought + damage
TURF TYPES/zorro: fine-bladed and very drought tolerant grass that is durable + stays green for the longest duration during the year

PLANT DETAILS/cultivation season: year-round
PLANT DETAILS/light: full sun <link to page presenting a results page of vegetation with the tag=full-sun>, part sun <link to page presenting a results page of vegetation with the tag=part-sun>
PLANT DETAILS/ecological condition: creekside (link to /research/urban-ecology/creekside/ target=top), sunny edge (link to /research/urban-ecology/sunny-edge/ target=top), PRAIRIE POCKET (link to /research/urban-ecology/prairie-pocket/ target=top)

LEARN MORE/portfolio: <comma delineated list of projects with the tag=prairie-pocket>