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Surface Programming

is the analysis + application of materials to solve a design requirement.

Proper surface programming can simultaneously improve infiltration for the immediate benefit of plants + yield necessary drainage for the protection of structures, elements + ground materials.

The thoughtful interplay of delightful people-spaces + amenities alongside fully functional natural elements is the overall goal of surface programming.

Programming the landscape for vegetation requires a synthesis of design intentions with the habitat requirements of a given ecological community.  Planted surfaces simultaneously fit into the landscape design program and the corresponding ecosystems niche that has been derived. While specific plant choices are made within the native plant design process, surface design assigns the spatial arrangement of vegetation within the project, including the turf design.

During a rainfall event, excess water flows by being pulled along by gravity and pushed by volume.  A key part of surface programming is acknowledging the corridors available to drain inundated surfaces, corresponding vegetation, in addition to the scripted interruptions that buffer the force of flowing water. 

Designed spaces that provide the surface context for human enjoyment, entertaining, and useful access.  The surrounding landscape sets the mood for the functional surfaces in every project, especially as urban life beyond the garden gets faster and more complex. Even while you’re away, you can remain connected here to this place we’ve built together.